Francesco Rullani
- Teaching - 

Recurrent tasks in Teaching (main)

Job Market Officer for the Ph.D. in Management (Ph.D. Level), Luiss University, Rome (Italy) (in English)
Head of the ERShub: the LUISS Hub for Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainbility, LUISS Business School & Department of Business and Management at LUISS University, Rome (Italy)
Designer, Coordinator & Teacher of modules of the ERSlab for the LUISS Business School (MBA - Specialized Masters - Executive Level), LUISS Business School, Rome (Italy) (in Italian & English)
Designer, Coordinator & Teacher of the Course Industrial Dynamics (Master level), LUISS University, Rome (Italy) (in Italian)
Thesis Supervisor at master, MBA, Ph.D. level.

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since November 1, 2007